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  Despite reading it closely, I'm still not convinced of how on earth Charles Crawford is allowed to blog as he does.  
- Amol Rajan

  Perceptive, idealistic, impetuous, intolerant, abrasive  
- FCO Security Review interview, 1984

  Perceptive, idealistic, impetuous, intolerant, abrasive ...  
- FCO Security Review interview, 1984

  Opinionated, passionate, disruptive  
- FCO Annual Appraisal, 2003

  Opinionated, passionate, disruptive ...  
- FCO Annual Appraisal, 2003

  Ideas deluge forth, some unfiltered  
- FCO Annual Appraisal, 2000

  Our hero this week is Charles Crawford, Britain's ambassador to Poland  
- Ferdinand Mount, December 2005

  An innate honesty that we liked  
- Civil Service Selection Board, 1979

  A sensitive and caring person ...  
- FCO Annual Appraisal, 1999

  Not many Balkan Ambassadors would have thought of borrowing a kangaroo.  
- FCO Annual Appraisal, 2001

  a renowned ‘yes’ man for his government masters ... It was servility, not talent, that greased [Crawford's] career path.  
- Nextus, commenting on Craig Murray's blog

  Not a natural bureaucrat.  
- FCO Annual Appraisal, 1992

  One need only read Camille Paglia to realise what a sewer of murder and phantasy and longing underlies Mr Crawford's oh-so-conscious "intellectual" speculations. He thereby gets to carry the can for us all.  
- Bodwyn Wook (ex-beekeeper, commenting on Anticant's Arena)

  Ideas deluge forth, some unfiltered  
- FCO Annual Appraisal, 2000


Paraded a self-consciously progressive approach which, if persisted in, could be tiresome.

- Civil Service Selection Board, 1979


Charles has a different political view to mine. We argue fiercely. But he is logical and consistent, and I rather like him.

- Craig Murray, May 2009

  A Diplomatic Hero for our Times - I give you Charles Crawford  
- England Expects blog, December 2005

  Yes, this guy should indeed be fired from his job as an ambassador... he belongs in 10 Downing Street doing Tony Blair's job  
- Perry de Havilland, Samizdata 2005

  A simple ambassador who talks in plain English!
- Devil's Kitchen, December 2005

  Britain's ambassador to Poland, Charles Crawford, is sharp in his wits, pen and humour  
- Edward Lucas, December 2005


A diplomat speaking the truth? A diplomat?

No, no, no, this will never do! Next thing you know we'll be seeing water running uphill ... and all manner of other freakish occurrences that risk tearing a hole in the space-time continuum

- Old Jack Tar, Samizdata 2005

  Such honesty has no place in modern goverment...it's bloody dangerous!  
- Andrew Dodge, Samizdata comment 2005

  Charles your negative words just do not penetrate the Serbian psyche  
- Suze, comment on B92 website, May 2008

  Poland got the UK's best ambassador  
- Pogodna blog, 2005

  Charles Crawford, the British ambassador, is similarly an unconventionally effective diplomat.  
- John O'Sullivan, National Review Online, 2007

  Do we tend to hold an inflated opinion of the FCO's brain-packed brilliance anyway? One for Charles Crawford to answer, I think  
- Alex Massie, Spectator 2008

  I met Mr Crawford last December during a brief visit to Warsaw. He represents our country extremely well. He is not frightened to put forward our stance. He does not suffer fools gladly and he does a very good job in being quite strong with the Polish Government and protecting our interests.  
- Daniel Kawczynski MP, House of Commons May 2006

  Charles’ writing on Poland cuts through the lazy thinking, sloppy journalism, misleading political shorthand and sheer ignorance that often appears in the UK media - and indeed in Government circles - when Polish politics, history or economics are mentioned.  
- Michael Dembinski, BPCC blog

  One to watch: I've just spent a while reading a few posts over on "The World's First Diplomatic Blogoir", good look, nice 'feel' and well written by Charles Crawford  
- Owsblog

  “Charles is very hard-working although he does have an off-beat sense of humour. He is a very funny guy, trying to do his best,” said one friend yesterday.  
- The Sunday Times, 11 November 2005

  I always suspected Crawford of being a bit of a Jihadi - under the Bush Cabal's doctrine you could have been carted off to a secret prison without a splutter.  
- A Non, Blogoir comment, June 2009

  Charles Crawford appears to be well over to the nutty end of the right, at least judging from the links to miscellaneous Libertarian blogs on his blog.  
- Despairing Liberal (commenter on Iain Dale's blog), August 2009

  Those who do remember him will recall his waspish sense of humour and his grasp of the specific nature of post-communist economic and political transformation. And the signed photos of Gazza and Elvis Costello in the loo.  
- Michael Dembinski, BPCC blog 2009

  Mr Crawford is that unusual personality, a career diplomat, now retired from the FCO, who has thought very carefully about certain issues. As a consequence, he used to upset his superiors on a regular basis and is now managing to make some very interesting points.  
- EU Referendum blog, 2008

  Several of the postings are highly entertaining and very interesting in Mr Crawford’s no-holds-barred attacks on those who make apparently highly moral but, in reality, rather dubious statements.  
- Your Freedom and Ours blog, May 2009

  I have just skimmed CC's Blogoir. How pretentious and what a load of (boring) twaddle  
- Mary, commenting via Craig Murray's blog, April 2009

  “Charles is very hard-working although he does have an off-beat sense of humour. He is a very funny guy, trying to do his best,” said one friend yesterday.  
- The Sunday Times, 11 November 2005

  Those of you who, like us, have been victimised by scammers purporting to fundraise on your behalf in North America may gain some quiet satisfaction from this scambaiters posting by Charles Crawford, a former diplomat.  
- Andrew Scadding, Professional Fundraising blogs, February 2009

  ... glad to see your snobbery still kicking as ever. Your blog posting about your being the only man ever to have held four Ambassadorial posts before the age of 53 years and seven months kept me laughing for weeks.  
- Craig Murray, April 2009

  He does not hide his personal scepticism about the FCO change agenda  
- FCO Appraisal, 2007

  Hi Charles - really enjoyed your speech - which was witty and funny and pitched just right: you're not boring...  
- Blast Receiver, after St Albans School Prize Giving, September 2009

  Charles is not a "moral vacuum" ... Mr Crawford actively defends actions which he clearly knows were genocidal & evil ... He wasn't born that way - it is a result of a governmental system, meshing perfectly with those in the US & EU systems, which has no ethical basis.  
- Neil Craig, A Place to Stand blog, September 2009

  For a man of such verbosity you seem to have a very small capacity for understanding reality  
- Anon, commenting on Craig Murray's site, October 2009

  I am amazed at how intellectually short-winded most of your posts are  
- Norman Fraser, reader, October 2009


There has always been an element of school playground “yah boo sucks” rhetoric in party politics. But when Charles Crawford laments that “we are now reduced to whose imaginary ex-cat stinks the most”, he might ask himself why. My answer is cowardice.

- anticant's arena, October 2009

  Your blog is incisive and thought-provoking  
- Reader NH, October 2009

  Judging from this blog, I think you should be cloned and stand in every available seat  
- Reader VictorMeldrew, October 2009

  A brief and smart companion for my morning coffee  
- Reader Karol Karpiński, October 2009


There's a lot to be said for this blog from former diplomat Charles Crawford. For those with an interest in international affairs and diplomacy this site is an absolute must. The look of the site could certainly do with updating - it looks like an a page from the mid-nineties ... But when it comes to content there's few that can match Charles for both regularity and quality. The unique perspectives of a long-time diplomat are the sort of thing everyone should be reading, regardless of their political background.

- Politics.co.uk

  He is known for his unorthodox diplomacy and excellent public speaking skills  
- European Affairs Society, October 2009


... a post that demonstrates the real power of the blogosphere, in which the sharpest insights are not to be found in the highest profile blogs but the ones just bubbling underneath. Charles has an excellent piece on how the inner inner ring of the British establishment is now punishing Tony Blair and his inner ring for marginalising them in the run up and conduct of the Iraq war

- Slugger O'Toole, December 2009

  The most telling critique of this delusional foreign policy comes in regular instalments in the form of a blog by the former British ambassador to Poland, Charles Crawford. It’s called CharlesCrawford.biz and if you want to know just how much in despair many of our diplomats are, this is the place to look.  
- Dominic Lawson (Times, 3 January 2010)

  Here's an entertaining blog......or I think so... Everything is pretty much covered in it, from climate change to Russian law. You will probably need the requisite "dry British humour" in places.......  
- Quoted on Expatua.com, January 2010

  A powerful journey through the art of speechwriting  
- Senior European Communications Adviser, Evaluation of a Crawford Course on Diplomatic Speechwriting, February 2010

  The reality of your schtick, Crawford, is to engineer any scenario which permits your yankee paymasters to hang onto Camp Bondsteel, and operate it within a fictional country whose strings they pull. To call you cynical would be an understatement  
- Reiner Torheit, unhappy Telegraph Blogs reader

  Charles Crawford conservatism is already clear in the way GonziPN is treating pensioners and other vulnerabe people. Facts speak louder than denials! But , as the saying goes " il lupo cambia il velo ma non il vizzio"  
- Reader comment at The Times of Malta, March 2010

  Mr. Crawfords interest is money. He doesn't bother of anything else. He is truly a spinner. One who loves and see only money is called a spinner.  
- Reader's comment on Maltastar website, 15 March 2010


You [Charles Crawford] are a disgraceful, immoral, racial supremacist. Your kind have destroyed the pride of the United Kingdom after Nazism was defeated by our mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers. You and your peers are incapable of any strategy except lying. You have shredded the international justice embedded in the Geneva Convention. If you had the slightest understanding of the implications of your snotty drivel, you would be looking for a new identity in South America like your Nazi predecessors

- Reader on Craig Murray's website, March 2010

  You've earned eternal fame as the Maltese Government's 'Secret' Spin Doctor - deal with it!
- Altamed (Maltese commenter, April 2010)

  I just finished your subject article ('A Very Polish Conservative') in today's NRO. It was an outstanding summation of many complex issues. And it was written with a wonderful sense of proportion and perspective  
- A reader in Philadelphia USA, April 2010


This gentleman sounds like somebody David Cameron should be talking, and listening, to.

- Steve Tierney, commenting at Conservative Home

  The stale odour of complacent Majorite neo-realism, sexed up with an intro of pure, ineffable Foreign Office superiority and disdain for lesser breeds  
- Owen, Transconflict comment, July 2012

  For instance, almost nobody visits or comments on Charles Crawford's stuffy, pompous and boring "Blogoir", yet his apologia for far-right views and war crimes would be of much more interest for Murray's detractors here.  
- Glenn, commenting at Craig Murray's site, December 2009

  Your coaching was second to none  
- A very satisfied private customer after Crawford public speaking training

  Finally, out of a wall of stupid and totally unqualified media reports, including two articles in The Sunday Times (July 4, 2010) not to mention the Independent of the same date, there is something worth reading.  
- Reader Boris Volodarsky, 6 July 2010

  I also fear that Crawford places too much weight on his experiences out East, as if the communism of the Soviet Union and its satellites were and are the sole expression of left-wing politics.  
- Keith Ruffles, eclectic Lefty blogger, September 2010

  Gosh, Mr. Crawford, you have a powerful intellect and what a staggering grasp of everything! Have you ever thought of standing for Parliament? The other Members would fall at your feet and you could be the Prime Minister.
- A reader, August 2010

  For aspiring diplomats it is great to have as free-spirited and courageous a role model as yourself, to sharpen and define the issues  
- Anonymous FCO official, September 2010

  I would like to congratulate you for marvelous blog - very funny but also very informative and provocative  
- Editor of Blic daily (Belgrade), September 2010

   Maciej Żywioł
The Amazing Charles Crawford spoke about laws of physics in diplomacy. Wonderful speech!
- #TEDxKrakow

  Another proof that Charles Crawford was THE sharpest knife in TEDxKraków 2010 drawer (full of plenty of other sharp knives, so that's saying something!)

- Maciej Zywiol, July 2011

  Charles why are you such a racist and so full of hate? Tell me how many Christians live in Pristina? I challenge you to go there and see for yourself, in fact my corporation will pay for you to go  
- Bill Romine, generous Telegraph Blogs reader


You won't get an answer from Crawford on this. Many have asked him similar questions, but he's one of those rather cowardly little "trolls" infesting the Internet... I suppose he could be just dim instead, but either way - he's perfect Foreign and Commonwealth Office material

- Richard de Lacy, confused Telegraph Blogs reader


Sod the internet, Crawford, reflect upon my ponderings above and conduct yourself accordingly. Why, just the hell, do you think the internet is filled with such bile? Look at yourself in the mirror - conceited, smug, self-satisfied, cheek-by-jowl with nothing appointee that you are.




- marplot (cheery Telegraph Blogs reader, July 2013)

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