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Charles Crawford has had many years of diplomatic experience in dealing with and negotiating – at a high level and in strict confidence – many difficult and sensitive problems, often in challenging circumstances: South Africa as apartheid ended, post-communist Russia, post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia/Montenegro/Kosovo after the fall of Milosevic

More recently as HM Ambassador in Warsaw he led the British diplomatic effort in Poland as Poland joined the European Union in 2004 and then played a significant role in British negotiations withPoland on the EU Budget and the EU Lisbon Treaty

On leaving the Foreign Office and the diplomatic world he has developed this unique expertise by qualifying as a professional Mediator with the ADR Group and the Regent’s University School of Psychotherapy and Psychology in London. In 2008 he also qualified as a Mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

In 2010 he became a founding partner of The Ambassador Partnership, the world’s first panel of experts in corporate diplomacy. He has given masterclasses in negotiation and diplomatic technique to many international organisations, national governments and private clients

In 2013 he was runner-up in ADR Group’s first National Mediation Competition behind Lori Pinkerton-Rolet. In 2014 he joined Lori to set up a new mediation team, Mediation by Design

Charles Crawford offers a senior, subtle and discreet mediation and negotiation consultancy service for personal and professional problems of all sizes; he tackles issues fairly, with a subtle and creatively ‘diplomatic’ approach

Charles Crawford is happy to discuss privately and with no obligation how he might help solve problems. Please contact him directly via

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