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Guests and Comments

Anyone visiting or attempting to post comments on the site is in effect a guest, and so is expected to behave in a reasonable, civilised manner

Anyone posting comments on this site agrees that he/she retains all ownership rights in the material so posted and that he/she will relieve Charles Crawford from any and all liability for any damage that may result from such postings. He/she also agrees that Charles Crawford may use such comments or extracts from them publicly or otherwise as he may choose

Any comments may or may not be kept on the site. If anyone making a comment here is concerned that the comment might not be preserved here, that person should take the steps needed to preserve it elsewhere

Interesting, pertinent, thought-provoking, witty and perceptive comments are especially welcome. Comments which seem to Charles Crawford to be rude, libellous, obscene, pornographic, unnecessarily offensive, menacing, false, unnaturally long/boring, misleading, redolent of collectivist propaganda or otherwise obviously objectionable are liable to be deleted without warning

Alternatively he may highlight them, to draw wider attention to the commenter’s seeming discourtesy, stupidity and/or folly

Please do not use this site for ‘spam’ or other commercial purposes


Charles Crawford makes no promises or warranties or any other commitment on the accuracy of anything posted on this site either by himself or by others. There may well be errors, omissions, lapses of memory, tendentious claims, unwise opinions and exaggerations. They may even be the best bits

Nothing on the site should be taken and acted upon as advice by Charles Crawford, informal or otherwise. If anyone wants his advice they should contact him to arrange terms for paying for it via mail@charlescrawford.biz

Please do not rely on this site or its contents in any way whatsoever. Anyone who does so acts at his/her own risk, and hereby agrees that Charles Crawford is in no way responsible for any problem or damage howsoever therefrom resulting

Charles Crawford welcomes views, suggestions and information intended to help ensure maximum accuracy and good judgement, and aims to give credit quickly and generously to anyone setting the record straight

As and when Charles Crawford links to other sites, the owners of those sites  are responsible for the content thereof and products/services if any which they may be selling. The users of this site hereby accept that Charles Crawford makes no warranties as to the accuracy and/or reliability of any such external site

Finally, Charles Crawford accepts no responsibility for any computer viruses, worms, trojans, bugs and other such digital menaces which others may have introduced to his site without his knowledge. He will welcome notification if anyone appears to be having a technical problem originating from his site, so that he can try to put things right quickly. Please contact mail@charlescrawford.biz

Changes to Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use may change from time to time. Anyone visiting the site on a given date hereby accepts the Terms and Conditions pertaining to and published on the site on that date

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