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Elvis and Nick

So Lady Crawf and I duly wended our way to Blenheim Palace to watch Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello. If you haven’t been there (or indeed if you have been there), B Palace is BIG and POSH: The event was generally excellent, audience and performers enthusiastically waving their zimmer-frames in mutual appreciation. […]

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Philosophical Problems

A loyal reader posts a comment on my piece about my new philosophical obsessions: I expect Charles will have a fun time on his one-year MA. We here might also have fun from his pithy views on what he is taught. How about some non-philosophical problems. Issue 1. Philosophers have, […]

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Philosophy: Trolley Problem Torture

Anyway, I have signed up for a one-year MA in Philosophy by Research at the University of Buckingham, a programme led by Professor Sir Roger Scruton. This seems like a good way (if not the only way) these days to learn something intelligent in a top-end academic environment while avoiding […]

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Diligent, Dopey, Grumpy, Lazy and Feckless

Families are tricky. They stretch to outer limits our private sense of responsibility. You are Diligent. You work hard and honestly, you treat everyone fairly, you are generous towards friends and family, but you dislike being exploited or ‘expected’ to help others who don’t do all they can to help themselves. […]

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Watchmen And Gordon Brown: Responsibility

Who is responsible for the current financial turmoil? Anyone? Here is William Rees-Mogg using a sharp scalpel to cut through to what he says is the Prime Minister’s personal responsibility for a serious misjudgement on Lloyds/HBOS, with massive ramifications down the road for us all: It is bad enough that Gordon Brown […]

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