The Telegraph website continues to froth up the story of the leaked letter from Sir Nigel Sheinwald assessing Barack Obama.

As best it can, scouring some meagre titbits from the deeper reaches of the Internet:

On the conservative Free Republic website, comments included "It suggests to me that Obama will take us down to the level of the Brits on the world stage" and "Let’s see; a British KNIGHT diplomat just called you aloof… Yeah you’re toast." …

One commenter noted: "Nigel is a British name reserved for the children of the aloof! (Regular folks in class-conscious England wouldn’t use that name for their kids.)"

That last point is interesting. But is it true?


After over a decade of New Labour post-modern socialism, four British Ambassadorships – including the two most important postings in the Diplomatic service – are both held by Nigels. Such is the unrelenting grip of class-conscious aloofitude over here.

In Washington we have Sir Nigel Sheinwald.

And at the EU we have Nigel Kim Darroch, who in vain tries to hide his aloof origins by calling himself Kim.

Not to mention Nigel Gould-Davies down the road as HM Ambassador in Belarus.

And Nigel Baker across the water as HM Ambassador in Bolivia.


I think not.