A phrase which these days is hard to eradicate from bureaucratic discourse is ‘positive feedback’.

It is used in the sense of asking around for views on an issue/paper/person and getting views ‘fed back’ (positive views, or negative views).

Quiet how this scientifically precise phrase came to acquire this trite new linguistic life of its own beats me.

I tried in vain to stamp it out in Embassies under my control. Another horror I grappled with was the non-word  ‘underway’, which started to spread like wildfire through FCO reports ("Once the meeting was underway…")

In proper usage the expression ‘positive feedback’ means a process which as it were reinforces itself, sometimes to explosive effect (eg an atomic explosion):

Positive feedback, sometimes referred to as "cumulative causation", is a feedback loop system in which the system responds to perturbation in the same direction as the perturbation.

This is an interesting account of such ‘accelerating returns’ in biology and technology.