Luckily for us, Daniel Simpson has been lucky enough to get the full transcript of a Nobel Prize acceptance speech which President Obama won’t deliver.

It is well worth reading this Top Secret text, as it elegantly describes in Obama-style language a parallel universe which might exist but does not (yet?). It also reminds me of the Boomer Bible’s opening few chapters which briskly summarise world history in terms of key warring tribes:

Gypsies, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians, Christians, Bubonites, Giants, Explorers, Spics, Frogs, Brits, Krauts, Yanks, Beaks, Russkies, Chinks, Nips, and Others

In the BB the Yanks prevail by massively over-reacting to anything nasty done to them…

The sense of the Obama speech is to accept responsibility for everything which has gone wrong for decades, and point out no good results achieved anywhere through US policy and no bad results achieved by Baddies. No doubt to wild progressive acclaim.

Of course this sort of speech would make sense if President Putin and the leaders of Islamist terrorist organisations and countries also made parallel declarations of unequivocal national contrition. I just somehow suspect they won’t.

One specifically odd thing in all this is the way we in the West somehow get to be blamed for Muslim v Muslim terrorism, another gruesome example of which has happened in Baghdad today.

Write something to the effect that it was a good idea to topple the Nazi-style Saddam, and feverish people appear blaming the ensuing carnage solely on us, as if the killer-insurgents who slaughtered so many Iraqis were some random element arising only because of us.

Maybe I am missing something, but weren’t these people by some chance related to the Saddamist thugs who had murdered hundreds of thousands of their own people already? They were not going to give up without a fight, and fight they did and still do.

The hard fact of human history is that until the C18, people everywhere around the planet including sophisticated Europe just took orders from unelected rulers. Then along came the Enlightenment and the USA, which for the first time ever allowed a bold new idea to have a try, democracy backed by precise ideas of human responsibility and limits on power – intelligent, fair rules.

That idea has never been popular with despots elesewhere, and remains under attack. If anything the attacks are more intense these days, since undemocratic regimes which have invented nothing can attack the West using powerful technologies and techniques developed by its own free people.

Thus it is that this pseudo-speech will rightly never be given, because no US President wants to be the one to abandon that Enlightenment philosophical and political space so painfully won (and yes, sometimes badly or unwisely defended) to those darker primitive forces.