UpdateBishop Hill (being a lot smarter than I am) has found a way to save the key sound-clip. See also the interesting comments the posting has prompted.

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Quick! Listen before it disappears down the iPlayer memory hole.

BBC presenter Peter Allen on Radio 5 live Drive on 1 March, talking to Angela Dingwall from a Scottish ski resort about this year’s heavy snow.

After their chatting about the scale of this year’s snow, he asks her if she puts it all down to ‘yer global warming’.

She says "No, I don’t believe in global warming I’m afraid… It comes and goes."

Peter Allen is heard to go ‘tsk‘: "You’re allowed to say that but I’m not" (All laugh)

Here, starting at 0.28 minutes in.

Of course, it’s all in good humour. But the sort of jokes one cracks – especially live on the radio – maybe say something?