The European Stability Initiative do lots of good solid analytical/policy work.

Have a look at this ingenious proposal for resolving the absurd problem of Greek opposition to Macedonia’s name:

How can this conundrum be resolved? It can be done through a constitutional amendment in Skopje that changes the name of the country today, allowing Athens to support the start of accession talks later this year, but that also foresees that the change will only enter into force on the day Macedonia actually joins the EU.

This effectively ‘solves’ the problem in principle in a way the Greeks should accept, but brings in the solution down the road on Macedonia’s EU accession, giving Macedonia the necessary guarantees.

Clever. Mutually reinforcing but asynchronous (ass-‘n’-chronic?) incentives towards good behaviour.

And read this one on the constitutional mysteries of Belgium, suggesting that the puny (in comparison) constitutional mysteries of Bosnia and Herzegovina should not be an obstacle to BH’s EU membership. See eg Belgium’s Constitution:

Article 1
Belgium is a federal State composed of Communities and Regions.

Article 2
Belgium is composed of three Communities: The French Community, the Flemish Community and the German-speaking Community.

Article 3
Belgium is composed of three regions: The Walloon Region, the Flemish Region and the Brussels Region.

Article 4
Belgium has four linguistic regions: The French-speaking region, the Dutch-speaking region, the bilingual region of Brussels-Capital and the German-speaking region. (…)

(Depending on whether the language in which the Constitution is written is French, Dutch or German, the respective Community and Regions are mentioned first.)