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It links to a completely zany piece by Natalie Bennett attacking the way the US runs its affairs:

The “American model” of politics and society supports a small state and everything possible (and sometimes impossible) being left to the market. And the most minimal of minimalist (ranging to non-existent) social support systems.

What? What? Has she looked at the size of the US federal budget recently? Nothing too small about that. She bewails the fact that a lot of people in the USA are poor. Well, sure they are! Because poor people go there, often illegally, in the hope of becoming richer. Why is that a failure?

Back on earth Raedwald calls for horrible cuts in public spending to help recreate working-class self-reliance:

For me, my old ‘Everyman’ books symbolise the brief flowering of endogenous British working class culture before the threat was challenged, and the flowering cut-off by the 1911 National Insurance Act and everything that followed that emasculated this class and pushed them into Welfare slavery. It was compulsory, top-down, ‘Can’t do’ on a national scale

Nicely put.