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New Statesman ‏@NewStatesman 2m

Of course all men don’t hate women. But all men must know they benefit from sexism, writes @PennyRed

Telegraph News ‏@TelegraphNews 2m

Girls escape forced marriage by hiding spoons in their clothes to set off airport metal detectors and miss flight

The unwillingness of the progressive influential media female chatterati to take up unrelentingly and unflinchingly the absolute oppression of women going on in this country within certain ethno-religious minority communities speaks for itself.

A few years back I talked privately to a Labour woman MP about the oppression of women in the Muslim communities in her constituency. She said that when the seat had been held by a Conservative male MP all had been nice and quiet. The Muslim men who asserted to themselves the right to represent the ‘Muslim community’ had a jolly time with him. He raised no awkward issues.

She by contrast had tried to open up a discussion in her constituency about the plight of women and forced marriage, and had been met with intense hostility and even threats. Much worse, the Labour Party HQ would give her no support. Too tricky a question.

The three articles in the Telegraph, Guardian and Independent about this spoon-in-underwear story each make no reference at all to the specific religious fanaticisms involved, although the Indy does helpfully mention that the founder of an organisation campaigning against forced marriage is a Sikh.

Whitey-lefty women don’t want to take on this sort of thing. It would mean hard dirty work, and maybe cause some professional problems such as accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ or ‘racism’. And above all it would mean doing less on the great issues of the day, such as Page 3 and lad-mags.

In her latest rambling piece about feminism/sexism Laurie Penny curiously describes the human brain as a “large, complex organ – about the size and weight of a horrible rotting cauliflower“. And in her case who are we to argue?