My new piece for The Spurs Web on how Tottenham have moved on to a completely new level in the past two seasons. Nothing like this since 1961. A LONG time ago.

Look at the season goal difference stats:

In the first sixteen years of the Premier League era Tottenham average 10th. Mid-table anonymity. Then in 2009/10 things look up. Tottenham break into the top four, and since then have not gone below 6th.

So near but yet so far. Still stuck in the servitude of Spursitude.

Along comes Mauricio Pochettino. Tottenham goal differences over each season since 2006/07:












The current season’s goal difference of +46 is almost the goal differences of Manchester United and Arsenal combined.

This drastic change in the season’s goal difference tally goes far beyond the dashing but eccentric Redknapp surge. It shows method. Discipline. Teamwork across a whole season. Ambition. Ruthlessness. Glory – with steel.

Plus some elderly memories. Such as the cruel Hajduk Split chicken assassin.